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Welcome to E.C. Phillips and Son Inc. A company originally established in 1926 by Edward Phillips.

In those days, the backbone of the business consisted of packing troll-caught salmon in "tierces" (barrels made of fir tree wood) which served as shipping containers for mild-cured salted salmon on the way to smokers on the East Coast and Europe. Shortly after WWII, Cliff Phillips joined his parents in the business. They built their new plant along the Ketchikan waterfront in 1950.

To this day E.C. Phillips and Son, Inc. buys and processes halibut, black cod, rockfish, shrimp, geoduck, sea cucumbers, herring, pacific cod, ling cod, along with all five species of wild Alaska salmon (king, sockeye, coho, keta and pink).

Throughout its history, E.C. Phillips and Son, Inc. has worked hard to develop and uphold its reputation for high quality seafoods. E.C. Phillips and Son, Inc. has long insisted on buying seafood from properly equipped boats to ensure top quality products. Seafood products are rigorously graded and tracked through the whole process, from buying and freezing to packing and shipping to guarantee their customers the finest product. Our fishermen and company workers pride themselves on the quality product they are producing, thus delivering superb seafood to our markets.

E. C. Phillips and Son is a community oriented business that provides a service to fishing families throughout Southeast Alaska. Personal service and attention has established a loyalty among both customers and harvesters. The company was started in 1926 by Mr. Phillips and run in later years by his son, Cliff. Larry Elliot is the current plant manager.

We produce high quality seafood products for our customers and have the ability to track the inventory and provide the end customers with the correct items ordered. Personal care and attention to detail are attributes to our operation. From the harvester’s boat to the final product, quality is the standard.

E.C. Phillips provides a variety of seafood products; from fresh salmon, halibut and black cod to the exotic: sea cucumbers, geoducks, caviar and spot shrimp.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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